Supply Chain Finance (SCF) is an expanding alternative source of finance that has seen rapid growth across the Americas, Europe and in select Asian countries, building popularity across different regions.

SCF is a beneficial model that directs capital to businesses. SCF solutions are tailored to help facilitate international trade and alleviate financing pressure for both the buyer and the seller, whilst minimizing risk exposure to the region, allowing for further growth and expansion.


Tawreeq SCF Investments offers best-in-class Short Term Notes (STN) and investment programs and structures them with a number of credit enhancements to provide additional levels of safety and comfort to investors.

The underlying investments have been certified Sharia-compliant by an acknowledged and respected board of scholars. Investments are available in both Sharia-compliant and conventional structures and are offered in conjunction with other entities of Tawreeq Holdings Limited.


Competitive yields for tenors between six months and three years

Underlying transactions with an average tenor of 90 – 120 days

Low volatility with instruments that are held to maturity, self-liquidating and not traded

Numerous investment structures to suit the tastes of a wide investor base

Credit enhancements for added safety and to further offer insulation from the risk of loss

Exposure to diversified credit risk across sectors and regions with multiple programs to meet investors’ appetite